• What is your weekly schedule?
    We have worship on Sunday mornings at 11am.

    We also have
    Sunday School for all ages on Sunday mornings at 10am.

    Wednesdays at Hickory Withe activities include:

    • Women's prayer meeting at 5:30pm

    • Fellowship supper at 6:15pm

    • Adult Bible study at 7pm

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  • What is your worship service like?
    We unite together at 11am for Christ-centered worship, incorporating historic elements of Reformed worship & liturgy. Our worship style is essentially traditional, “medium-to-high” church worship; our music style is hymnody, utilizing both new and "seasoned" hymns that are theologically sound. Dress is tastefully casual, more formal, or whatever you are comfortable in! (Back to top)
  • May I bring my children to worship?
    All children are welcome during worship.

    If you prefer it, however, we offer nursery care for children ages six and under.
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  • What is appropriate dress for worship?
    We welcome any dress that you are comfortable with. We regularly have worshipers in suits and dresses, as well as jeans and slacks. We want only that the dress of our worshipers not be a distraction from worship for others, so we ask that you dress in a manner that you consider tasteful. (Back to top)
  • What do you offer for children and youth?
    We have Sunday School classes for young children and for Middle and High School students. We also offer nursery care during our worship services, Sunday School, and our Bible Study time during Wednesdays at Hickory Withe. (Back to top)
  • How do I get to the church grounds?