Power to the people (Luke 9:1-17)

What do we need to be empowered for ministry? Pastor Ed Eubanks looks at how Jesus equipped his disciples then, and how he equips us now, with his presence.

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Wonder-working power (Luke 8:22-56)

When we see the power of Jesus, we understand power in a new way. Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches how Jesus' power offers us hope in the face of natural threat, spiritual threat, or even sickness and death.

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The work of the Word (Luke 8:1-21)

What is your response to the Word of God? Looking at Luke 8, Pastor Ed Eubanks considers Jesus' teachings on how we listen and respond to God's word.

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Following a prepared path (Luke 7:18-35)

John the Baptist sends a question to Jesus that many of us ask as well: is Jesus the Christ? Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches us how we might find comfort and confidence in Jesus' answer.

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Dealing with Our Own Faith (Luke 6:43-49)

Can someone be confident in their own faith? This week, pastor Ed Eubanks looks at how Jesus himself tells his followers that they can find assurance of faith.

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Dealing with Others' Faith (Luke 6:37-42)

How do we understand the faith and discipleship of others? How do we recognize our own sin and discipleship? In this message, Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches about the spiritual vision that Jesus discusses in Luke's sermon on the plain.

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Love for others (Luke 6:27-38)

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Blessing and Woe (Luke 6:17-26)

Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches on the first section of the Sermon on the Plain, where Jesus pronounces blessings and woes.

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New Community Leadership (Luke 6:11-16)

What sort of leadership does Christ select for his new community? What does his choice show us as a model for community? Pastor Ed Eubanks looks at the calling of the apostles to see what Christ envisioned.

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Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 6:1-11)

Is the sabbath a time of restriction or a time of freedom? Pastor Ed Eubanks takes us to Luke to hear how Jesus discussed the sabbath with his detractors.

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A call to sinners (Luke 5:27-39)

What does it look like to respond to the call of Jesus? Pastor Ed Eubanks takes us to the call of Levi and the teachings following it to learn about how the Lord calls sinners to respond.

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A gospel for outcasts (Luke 5:12-16)

Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches us that the healing that comes from Jesus doesn’t simply restore our bodies, but also our souls.

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Our Humbling Calling (Luke 5:1-11)

How big is the gospel? Ed Eubanks looks at Luke 5:1-11 and sees that Jesus shows Simon, his friends, and us just how big the gospel really is.

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God reveals Himself through the cross (Luke 24:13-25)

Do we understand what it means to know God? Pastor Ed Eubanks teaches how God reveals Himself to us through Christ's work on the cross.

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A ready defense (Luke 4:1-13)

With the certainty of temptation before us, Clay Harrington discusses how Jesus' model for us is helpful when we face it.

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Generation to generation (Luke 3:23-38)

Is there meaningful application in the geneology of Jesus? Ed Eubanks looks at this portion of Luke and finds that, generation to generation, God is faithful to provide for our need of salvation.

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Preparing the way (Luke 3:1-22)

We are quick to believe that we are ready to face God; Ed Eubanks tells us how John the Baptist warns that we are NOT ready-- but that there is one who is ready to stand on our behalf.

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Growing in favor (Luke 2:40-52)

Is there a real competition between family and church? Looking at the family model that Jesus himself puts before us, Ed Eubanks discusses how a healthy family is a churchgoing family.

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The end of waiting (Luke 2:21-39)

Jesus is shown, in his presentation at the temple, to be the fulfillment of all things-- including the waiting that Mary, Simeon, Israel, and we all exercise as we seek fulfilling things in our lives. Ed Eubanks delivers this message from Luke.

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Do Not Fear! (Luke 2:8-20)

Ed Eubanks teaches how Jesus' birth takes away the need for fear.

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The Fullness of Time (Luke 2:1-7)

Ed Eubanks tells us how God's timing is perfect, and that Jesus' incarnation was the fulfillment of all things.

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What's in a name? (Luke 1:57-80)

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The First Beatitude (Luke 1:39-56)

When Mary and Elizabeth get together, they react to the goodness of God's promises and the advent of the Savior's birth. Ed Eubanks looks at how their reactions are expressions of the Holy Spirit at work in them.

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The Consolation of Israel (Luke 1:26-38)

Can we believe that God really offers us hope and comfort in Jesus? Ed Eubanks looks at Gabriel's appearance to Mary and concludes that we can.

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When we doubt God's promises (Luke 1:5-25)

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How Do We Know? (Luke 1:1-4)

Ed Eubanks considers how Luke offers us confidence in the Gospels, the New Testament, and the whole Bible through his introduction to the Gospel of Luke.

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