Documents, forms, and other files that support and supplement HWPC teaching times. Looking for a worksheet or other document that was promised in a recent class or discussion? You'll probably find it here. (If it isn't here, try our Members Access area files section.)
The "trait assessment" for spiritual gifts mentioned in the first "Discovering your divine design" lecture.
An alternative spiritual gifts assessment, this "observation assessment" is designed to be completed by someone else about you.
A free, online spiritual gifts inventory from Ephesians Four Ministries.
A summary of what each of the spiritual gifts means-- what they offer in the life of a believer.
An inventory of natural talents and gifts.
If you're really die-hard about this-- and/or you have the (almost) $400 to invest in it-- the Highlands Ability Battery will provide you with a small book about yourself and your natural abilities-- probably more information than most of us would ever need to know!
The Malphurs Group, a church consultation firm, provides a helpful and brief version of the MBTI test. Get it at this link.
Though we won't be using the DiSC model in our assessments, many have found it a very helpful indicator as well. The Malphurs Group also provides a brief version of it here.
A more complete inventory for the MBTI, graciously provided for free by the College of St. Mary.
A summary page for the first three assessments.
A quick overview for self-assessing leadership style, from The Malphurs Group
An article from, explaining the relationship between leadership style and temperament/personality.
An online quiz that assesses into one of four different leadership styles.
A helpful article by Mark Mittelberg, explaining different evangelism styles.
This is the assessment we used in our class to determine evangelism style.
Here is an alternative assessment for evangelism style.
A good starting point to understanding temperament and personality types.
Another good overview of MBTI temperament types.
Here's another, with detailed information about each type.