If             you are weary and seeking rest..
A        stranger in need of a place of community...        
        Hungry for spiritual food...        
        Or longing for comfort and peace...        

        We welcome and invite you to join us in worship,        fellowship, and community.
 We        are Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church, and we are glad you        have found us. Don't forget to visit our page: http://www.hickorywithepc.org/Pastor/pastorblog/files/0d028d9bbc61f214bdfaf5f116ccf06d-165.php.

        Organized in 1834, Hickory Withe PC has a long history of        ministry and community in the Hickory Withe, Tennessee        area. We are a small congregation in Fayette County,        Tennessee, 35 miles from downtown Memphis and near the        towns of Arlington and Oakland.        

        Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 11am, and Sunday        School at 10am.        

        Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church is a member of the
 Presbyterian Church in           America.