Haiku #9

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a haiku-- and, since I’m starting a series on the Lord’s Supper this Sunday, I’ll offer one on that.

Sacrament Supper
Christ’s body and blood for you
in fellowship meal

Haiku #7 (Christmastide Haiku)

Son of God and son
of man, living for us and
our unrighteousness.

Haiku #6 (Advent Haiku #2)

The Incarnation
an amazing and awesome
truth for God's people

Haiku #5

Tom turkeys flapping,
strutting, showing off for the
hens ignoring them

Haiku #4 (Advent Haiku)

Anticipate Christmas
God descended from heaven
to be our Savior

Haiku #3

Thanksgiving again
turning my heart to God in
prayer and gratitude

Haiku #2

Traveling today
I am bound for St. Louis
gasoline's costly!

Haiku #1

I'm fascinated by the Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry that is structured by a pattern of syllables in each line: 5, 7, 5. Periodically, I will take a moment to construct a Haiku as both an expression of what I'm thinking or feeling and a brief exercise in writing. Here is the first:

studying Bible
sermon is for this Sunday
will it be worthy?